Boracay Vows

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They plan to seize the day

Demure and career-driven, Krista Lopez is almost thirty, yet she has never been kissed. Her friends conspire to help fulfill her Turning-Thirty Vow—the promise to do something life-changing in celebration of this milestone birthday—with the help of a sexy makeover and a one-week stay in Perlas, a posh resort in the island paradise of Boracay, Philippines.

Not-so-coincidentally, Blake Ryan, Krista’s Irish-American hunk of a boss is vacationing in the same resort at the same time. The CEO has seen through her armor of conservative simplicity to the sensual woman underneath. Setting aside his rule not to become personally involved with his employees, Blake plans a seduction to make Krista his, but only while they are in Boracay.

But what about a lifetime?

Krista and Blake seize the opportunity to have a scorching affair away from the prying eyes of their colleagues. Far away from family’s judgement and disapproval. All too soon their week is over, and they must decide whether they will end their fling, or say Carpe diem to the love of a lifetime.

BORACAY VOWS is the first book in the fun and sexy multicultural contemporary romance series Carpe Diem Chronicles.

Boracay Vows is available from these etailers: (Click on icon to purchase.)

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Ebook version is also available from: Amazon Canada, UK, Australia, India, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico.

Paperback edition is available from Amazon USA UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.


Boracay Vows Special Autographed Copy

Signed copy of Boracay Vows. Shipping included. Please include name/s and address in special instructions.



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  2. Violet Olivo · 6 Days Ago

    I’m so happy for you. It’s a great debut novel. You should be very proud!

    Liked by 1 person

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